Change the World With Grace


Change the World With Grace

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    Make history by building Grace

    For many generations to come, I will be able to tell them that I played a part in creating this wonderful campus.

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    Have a crucial role in creating a permanent school, home, and community

    Grace plays a big role in molding the lives of the students. It’s a place where we can build our own community, explore our gifts and talents, and grow in their spiritual walk with the Lord.

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    Build a school for my younger siblings and beyond

    I am able to leave a legacy behind for the younger generations that follow. I will be a contributor in this major historical point of the school.

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    Athletics play a big role in my life! I want to make sure that this stays a part of Grace.

    Through Grace we have the ability to express our gifts in many different ways through activities on campus. I want to make this a continuing reality for everyone down the road.

Jonathan Chawla

2012 Alumnus and Filmaker

“I’m grateful for the facilities and staff at Grace, and the way that they have empowered me to expand the kingdom of God here on earth, through my career and my relationships.”

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